DSC Installing Wastewater Equipment

Gross-Wen Technologies (GWT) is a wastewater treatment technology company that uses algae instead of bacteria or chemicals to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. As the most sustainable wastewater treatment on the market today, GWT’s patented process helps clients meet more stringent water quality standards by using algae to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater.

What makes GWT unique is their algae-based treatment solution, called the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB), which is considered by many experts as the top algae treatment system in the world.

DSC’s millwright crews recently installed a 4-belt RAB module at the Iowa City Wastewater Treatment Facility. The University of Iowa will be using this system for research. This was the 4th installation DSC crews have completed for GWT. Our 5th install will be happening soon – three 10-belt modules at the Slater Wastewater Treatment Facility.