Millwright Services

We provide millwright services to food, beverage, and manufacturing facilities. Installing and working with process equipment is part of our everyday life at Dean Snyder Construction. The projects we are presented with are often complex, but we have the experienced team of project managers and crews needed to successfully complete complex equipment installations. Having millwright capabilities within our company skills allows for the efficient and effective maintenance of machinery and equipment of our clients, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Our team of millwrights can remove, relocate, and install all types of equipment or machinery, both small and large, beneficial for companies that are moving to a new facility or need to reorganize their production line. They can disassemble, move and reassemble machinery and equipment with minimal disruption to production. Our team will complete equipment installations with detailed coordination to help you quickly accomplish your goals and maintain productivity. This includes assembling, aligning, and leveling machines, as well as connecting them to power and control systems. Our millwrights also ensure that all equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications and local building codes.

Millwright Services We Provide

  • Platform design, fabrication, and installation
  • General arrangement drawings which include production line drafting, layout and component interconnecting
  • Equipment/machinery installation
  • Relocate equipment/machinery
  • Platform erection
  • Set conveying systems
  • Welding
  • Plant maintenance

Available Equipment

  • Forklifts, personnel lifts, welding equipment, rollers, and all equipment needed for installation
  • Mobile cranes and riggers for equipment unloading