Project Information

  • Location: Corydon, Iowa
  • Dates: 2019-2022
  • Size: 208,000 SF
  • Delivery: Negotiated

Project Description

East Penn Manufacturing, the maker of DEKA batteries, needed to expand their existing 100,000 SF factory to include a new production line of lead acid batteries. DSC was originally hired to build just the shell of a 208,000 SF addition, tripling the size of the facility and quadrupling their potential battery output; however once completed, they asked us to stay on for several more projects.

In the original project, crews installed the insulated metal panel outer skin and roof membrane, approximately 14,000 cu. yards of concrete in the foundations and slabs, 8,000 cu. yards of concrete for the parking areas, and 386 tons of reinforcing steel.

Our next project included the equipment setting and commissioning of lines inside the new addition. Once the new line was up and running, we started yet another project of remodeling the existing 100,000 SF steel facility. It received structural upgrades with new foundations and interior slabs. The next phase included adding 12 new ship-ping docks. Three existing docks were removed to put in all new foundation and a 5,000 SF addition was added on. In our last project, crews added a new laundry room and expanded the men’s and women’s locker rooms. In order for the facility to keep running without interference, we built a roof over their existing roof and added on 7,800 SF.
DSC self-performed on the project concrete, steel erection, masonry, millwright, excavation, demolition, and the structural upgrades.