Project Information

  • Location: Clear Lake, Iowa
  • Dates: 2017-2018
  • Size: 6,660 SF
  • Delivery: Lump-Sum Bid

Project Description

In fall 2017, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Clear Lake to signify the start of a 6,660 SF addition and remodel. Church officials had been planning for that day since April 2014. While the design was being finalized and approved, the church started a capital campaign to help pay for the $1.8 million addition.

Broken into two phases, Phase 1 of the project included a one-story 6,600 SF energy-efficient addition to be used as a 220-person gathering space with a new kitchen and restrooms. Demolition of an existing 30-year-old elevator addition occurred in order to make room for a new casket-size one. Phase 2 included remodeling the current church with new finishes and as well as renovating the basement to be an education center with additional classrooms.