Planning for Winter Construction Projects

Based out of the Midwest, we see a variety of winter conditions from normal temps one day to plunging temps the next with high gusts of wind. As a contractor, we prioritize safety of our crews and clients’ projects and know that winter conditions can make jobsites a bit trickier.
However, as a business owner, if you have a time-sensitive project in mind for this year, don’t completely rule it out. We at Dean Snyder Construction can still help you get started.

A few things our Project Managers/Estimators will want to discuss with you before starting a project in the winter season:

  • Prices will be Affected
    Depending on the condition of the ground, a ground thawer may be brought in if the ground is already frozen. This typically runs on diesel fuel or electricity and adds to the overall cost. Also concrete prices are more expensive during the winter months due to additives to accelerate the curing process.
  • Labor Productivity
    It’s possible part of the day will be dedicated to prepping the construction site with concrete blankets or building temporary shelters for heat. The crews take more breaks in the extreme cold to prevent health issues, and blizzards or extreme negative temperatures may bring weather delays throughout the season.

But when a project has a deadline, and you need to get your business up and running, know that it’s still very possible to meet your goals, and we can find ways to minimize these extra costs.

  • Consider a Phased Project with Interior Remodel First
    By phasing a project according to weather, crews can start demolition and renovation of interior projects first and finish with exterior updates the closer we get to spring. Phasing projects also sometimes allows for your company to continue operations while we work around you.
  • Not all Projects Are Created Equal
    If your new building/addition is steel/precast (vs. say a masonry building), crews can still work in a variety of winter weather conditions to erect it and finish the build out without the extra time needed for building temporary shelters.
  • Get the Design Started
    If a spring start still sounds ideal, know that now is the perfect time to get the design of your project underway. Our subsidiary ATURA architecture can help with project planning and design no matter the industry or project type.

With over 60 years of experience, we can provide guidance regarding project costs, project planning, and scheduling for any upcoming project at any time of the year.