New Chemical Processing Plant Coming to North Iowa

new heaven constructionNew Heaven Chemicals, Inc., a subsidiary of TSS Group of India, is putting the company on Iowa’s map with its first U.S. location in Manly, Iowa. Starting in late October, Dean Snyder Construction crews have been working on the project at the Manly Terminal, just north of Manly. The new chemical processing plant will include three containment areas with built-up concrete sides so the chemicals are controlled in case of a spill. Included in the project is a 2,800 SF process area, a 2,300 SF mixing area, and a 6,000 SF storage tank area. Crews are currently finishing up on concrete and will start placing steel and equipment as it arrives from India in the next few weeks.
“The biggest challenge,” project manager Randy Kibsgaard said, “is that the project was designed using the metric system and needing to convert it to our U.S. standard system, as well as the language barrier.”
When up and running, the company will manufacture sodium methylate, a chemical compound used in the production of bio-diesel. TSS Group of India chose the Manly Terminal location for its accessibility to the raw materials needed to produce their product. The plant has an anticipated start date of this spring.