Dean Snyder Construction Announces Transition to ESOP

Dean Snyder Construction has officially invited their employees to become employee-owners through its newly created Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or “ESOP”). Founded in 1958, DSC has grown from its original founder to more than 230 employees with two office locations in Iowa and one in Omaha, Nebraska.

The shift to employee-ownership will help preserve DSC’s family-owned culture and will allow current and future employees to earn company stock as part of their retirement benefits. Owners Don Snyder, Dale Snyder, and David Snyder have always believed in investing in the company’s people.

There are no planned changes to DSC’s management structure or day-to-day operations, and the conversion to an ESOP will not impact DSC’s eligibility to work with our customers.

According to the nonprofit National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), extensive research has shown that employee ownership companies outperform non-employee ownership companies by a wide margin. They have been found to grow about 2.5% per year faster in sales, employment, and productivity than would otherwise have been expected, provide 2.2 times the total retirement assets as non-ESOP companies, and provide dramatically greater job stability.