Crews Return to Grain Millers

Crews are back at Grain Millers in St. Ansgar, Iowa, working on a new “Cleaner Building.” Starting in August, crews are currently constructing a 4,300 SF oat cleaning facility. Grain Millers recently added more capacity for their oats and needed an additional “Cleaner Building” to keep up with demand.
The new 2-story building includes a cleaner on the 2nd floor (cleaning removes the unwanted foreign materials), and once cleaned, the oats will drop to the floor and be moved to the silos. The 1st floor includes a MCC room and a control room for the operators. Also included in the building is an unload area with a drive-thru bay for semis and a precast receiving pit for the semis to dump.
Crews are also installing 2 mat slabs with micropile foundations. Some rods are down 30’ in these slabs (middle photo). These will eventually support 150’ tall towers with a conveyor bridge that spans 160’ between them.
Except for some paving next spring, crews will be completed in January 2017.
Grain Millers is the world’s largest organic oat processor, and North America’s 2nd largest oat processor. St. Ansgar is Grain Miller’s largest oat milling facility.