Colfax Fareway Now Open!

A ribbon cutting was held on March 17 in Colfax for the newly opened Fareway store. Fareway purchased the previous grocery store Shugar’s in December, and DSC crews did a major remodel in only six-weeks to rebrand the store into Fareway.

When Fareway took over the store at the end of the year, they chose to donate the remaining estimated 20,000 lbs of inventory to the nearby Jasper County Salvation Army. On top of food items, the donation included everyday items like trash bags, light bulbs, school supplies, health and beauty products, pet food, and more. They also received items like cleaning supplies, bleach and hand sanitizer, which have been hard to keep in stock in the past few months. Another helpful item they received was the remaining Shugar’s grocery bags since the staff continues to bag all items for their clients due to COVID-19.