Build New or Add On? Building Questions to Consider in 2022

The global pandemic has been an unknown risk that the construction industry never anticipated, along with the continuing supply chain issues. But in 2022, we are looking for the industry to move confidently into the future.

Planning for your next capital project is no small task. In recent surveys, many manufacturers in the Midwest, and beyond, expect increased sales and plan to invest in capital expenditures in 2022.  We believe that the detailed attention to detail in each manufacturing process begins with the planning and construction of the buildings and facilities where those processes take place.

As a full-service, design-build firm, we deliver total project solutions, from concept to start-up. Our team has successfully served the industrial manufacturing industry for over 35 years and has the resources to be your single-source provider on any project of any size. Out of space at your current facility and need to accommodate predicted future growth? Or is your facility so out-of-date it makes sense to just start over? Do you build new or add on? It’s fun to dream about the possibilities of a new, state-of-the-art facility, but often there are items that could stand in the way more than just a high price tag.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is there new property available in your price range?
  • Is the new property zoned correctly for your type of business?
  • Is the new location easy to locate and is there easy access to local roads?
  • What type of building layout are you thinking -multiple floors or single story?
  • Are there existing utilities on the site? Or does your current facility have adequate utilities to support addition space?
  • Is the new space located in a flood zone? What is the current drainage availability?
  • Are you interested in updating your technology into the 21st century?
  • What square-footage is available at new facility?
  • What percentage of this space must be allotted to offices, inventory, sorting, handling, packaging, shipping?
  • Is building up instead of out an option?
  • Do you have temperature requirements on how a product is stored?
  • Do you expect another addition in the future?

Each of the factors will have at least some impact on the layout and design of your new facility or redesign of your current facility, sometimes in ways that are hard to predict. While there are benefits to both retrofitting or starting new, our Project Managers at Dean Snyder Construction can help you weigh the options on what is appropriate for your business and your budget.